Nine Muses Sojin to Appear in Korean-Chinese Web Drama ‘Canvas the Emperor’


[by Kim Young Shin] Girl group Nine Muses member Sojin confirmed her appearance in Korean-Chinese web drama ‘Canvas the Emperor’.

The drama is about a guy who substitutes his sister to become a member of a celebrity group Butterfly.

Nine Muses Sojin plays the role of Lin Hui In, a member of Butterfly who is quiet, cold-blooded and characterful. Other casts include Girls’ Generation Seohyun, actress Song Ha Yoon and Choi Yoon So.

An official from Star Empire said “Nine Muses Sojin is on her first go as an actress in the web drama ’Canvas the Emperor’. Her group is preparing for a unit album, individual activities and in-China activities after its successful fan meeting in China last March.”

Meanwhile, web drama ‘Canvas the Emperor’ held a production presentation on June 29 in Beijing, China and announced that it starts shooting on October. (photo by Star Empire)