Niel Makes Comeback as a Solo


[by Woorim Ahn] Niel of TEENTOP will make comeback to solo.

On January 5 at midnight, Niel announced to come back as a solo artist as he posted a teaser photo of new album ‘Love Affiair…’ through the group’s official SNS.

In the picture, Niel’s name, new album’s title and comeback date are mentioned such as ‘Niel, Love Affair…, and 2017.01.16.00’. His natural hair style in gray color raised the fans’ expectations for the comeback.

Previously, Niel mentioned to come back as a solo through Naver V-app. Chunji also told that he was casted in musical ‘My Bucket List’ and celebrated for each other. Niel and Chunji also spoiled that TEENTOP will make comeback in March and received many celebrating messages from fans.

Meanwhile, Niel’s ‘Love Affiar…’ will be disclosed on January 16. (photo by TOP Media)