NARI’s confession of love makes NANGIL feel more guilty! [Sweet Stranger and Me]


Today, Ko Nangil finds out that he is related to the death of Hong Nari’s father. It was the accident that gave Nangil severe panic disorder. Yet, Nari is not aware of this. Their ill-fated relationship is just hard to watch.

Not soon after she leaves for Seoul, she comes back to see Nangil. Then, they go on a date to Yongmunsa. She tells him, “I used to come here with my father when I was little.” As she mentions about her father, he feels uncomfortable but pretends he is fine.

While dating, Nari is being straightforward as usual. She says, “I love you, Ko Nangil.

Her proposal makes him feel happy and guilty at the same time. Because of what he did to her father, he cannot step up to her.

Meanwhile, Kwon Deokbong tells Nangil that he has a crush on Nari. Keep your eyes and ears open for this love triangle!

[Sweet Stranger and Me]

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