Nam Taehyun’s Band South Club’s New Song ‘No’ Release on the 8th at Noon…’Anticipation UP’


[by Ent Team] South Club continues their shocking music activities.

On June 27th, Nam Taehyun’s band South Club started full scale promotions with the release of their EP album ‘90’ and today (7th) the released the teaser video for ‘No’ revealing that the song is to be released on the 8th, catching fans’ attention.

In the teaser video released today (7th), in the profound and mysterious light and shadow, Nam Taehyun gave a mysterious and dreamlike atmosphere and showed a video of various colors.

In addition, the new song ‘No’ is the epilogue of South Club’s EP album ‘90’a and the prologue to their future album, and they will be revealing the original and edited version, gaining an enthusiastic response from fans.

Not only that, ahead of the song release, Nam Taehyun disclosed his feelings “I am happy that fans can quickly hear the new song that is full of South Club’s musical style after the first EP album. In the future, I will continue to work hard to present music that you can listen to so please have a lot of interest and anticipation.”

Meanwhile, Nam Taehyun’s band South Club is scheduled to release their new song ‘No’ through various online music portal sites on the 8th at noon. (photo by ‘No’ teaser video)