Naejangsan National Park (내장산국립공원)

Naejangsan National ...
Naejangsan National Park
Naejangsan is a famous mountain in the Jeolla-do province, and the best mountain in Korea for viewing autumn’s crimson leaves. The park is 76,032 sq. km. in size and became a National Park along with Baekyangsa District on Nov. 17th, 1971. The name Naejang means ‘many secrets’ in the mountain. Because of the bright crimson leaves that blanket Naejangsan Mountain’s fall scenery, the mountain is also referred to as “Geumgangsan of Honam.”

Inside the park, there are famous waterfalls, such as Dodeok Falls and Geumseon Falls, and temples such as Baekyangsa and Naejangsa temples. If you follow the valley left of the ticket booth, you can see the waters of Dodeok Falls, cascading down the cliff. If you go further along the valley you can see the waters Geumseon Falls where even the gods have supposedly bathed. Baekyangsa Temple is both majestic and serene, surrounded by Gulgeori trees that retain their lush green leaves even in winter, and also the Bija trees. Along with Baekyangsa Temple, the Naejangsa Temple is the place to visit during the fall for its lovely autumn leaves. Besides these, there are about 760 kinds of local plants, designated Natural Monuments, and various wild animals living inside Mt. Naejangsan Park.

The Park is beautiful not only in the fall, but also in the spring when the azaleas and cherry blossoms bloom, in the summer when the green mountain turns greener, and the winter when the rock cliffs cover themselves with snow. All throughout the year, different kinds of wild flowers bloom here.

N/A (Open all year round)
Mountain Not Access Period
* TBD by park directors based on fire weather advisories, snow/precipitation levels, and other local conditions.
Restricted Mountain Areas
* Kkachibong Peak Neungseon Samgeori (3-way Intersection) 까치봉능선삼거리 ~ Sunchang Pass 순창고개
* Jangseongsaejae 장성새재 ~ Sangwangbong Peak 상왕봉
* Guamsa Temple 구암사입구 ~Baegyang Valley 백양계곡
Areas Open to the Public
* Iljumun 일주문 ~ Naejangsa Temple 내장사
* Byeongnyeonam 벽련암 ~ Seoraebong Peak 서래봉
* Wonjeogam Rock 원적암 ~ Bulchulbong Peak 불출봉
* Naejangsa Temple 내장사 ~ Geumseondae 금선대
* Geumseon Valley 금선계곡 ~ Kkachibong Peak 까치봉
* Seoraebong Peak 서래봉 ~ Gugwansa Temple 구관사
* Naejangsa Termple 내장사 ~ Yeonjabong Peak 연자봉
* Parking Lot No.5 제5주차장 ~ Seorae Mineral Spring 서래약수
* Ipam Ticket Office 입암매표소 ~ Entrance of Saejae 새재입구
* Manhwaje 만화제 ~ North Gate 북문
* Daega 대가 ~ Sinseongbong Peak 신선봉
* Deungcheon-ri 등천리 ~ Eunseon-dong 은선동
* Baekyangsa Temple 백양사 ~ Namgyeongseong Prayer House 남경성기도원
* Chonnam Univ. Training Center 전남대수련원 ~ Eunseongol Samgeori 은선골삼거리
* Entrance of Yaksaam 약사암입구 ~ Gain Village 가인마을
* Unmunam Crossroads 운문암갈림길 ~ Ongdalsaem Crossroads 옹달샘갈림길
Natural Preservation Areas (closed to public)
* Wonjeok Ravine: until 2026
* Naejangdong: until 2026
* Saejae Crossroad~Nammun, Eunseongol (Hiking Path excluded): until 2026
* Ilgwangjeong~Yongsu Waterfall: until 2027
* Jahadonggol Cave: until 2027
Night-time Hike Restriction Notice
To prevent fires and ensure the safety of hikers, hiking has been prohibited at night since November 15, 1991 (between sunset and two hours before sunrise).
Hiking Course
Jangseongsaejae Course (6.4km / 2hrs 50min):
Chonnam Univ. Training Center → Saejae Crossroads → Saejae → Ipam Ticket OfficeDonggye Fall-Baekyangsa Temple Course (6.2km / 3hrs 30min):
Chonnam Univ. Training Center → Monggye Waterfall → Neungseon Sageori (4-way Intersection) → Unmunam → Baekyangsa TempleIpamsan Course (10.1km / 4hrs 20min):
Chonnam Univ. Training Center → Eunseondong Valley → Gatbawi Rock (Peak) → Bukmun Gate → Nammun Gate → Sanseonggol Valley → Saejae Crossroads → Chonnam Univ. Training Center

Baekyangsa Temple Course (8.4km / 5hrs 30min):
Baekyangsa Temple → Yaksaam → Baekhakbong Peak → Sangwangbong Peak → Sajabong Peak → Gain Village

Baekyangsa Temple-Naejangsa Temple Course (12km / 7hrs):
Baekyangsa Temple → Yaksaam → Baekhakbong Peak → Sangwangbong Peak → Sunchang Saejae → Sodunggeunjae → Kkachibong Peak → Naejangsa Temple

Operating Hours
From Sunrise to Sunset
Parking Facilities
Activity Fees
Admission fees to cultural assets
Baekyangsa Temple
Adults: 2,500 won / Group: 2,200 won
Youths: 1,000 won / Group: 800 won
Children: 700 won / Group: 500 wonNaejangsa Temple
Adults: 3,000 won / Group: 2,500 won
Youths: 1,200 won / Group: 1,000 won
Children: 700 won / Group: 500 won* Group: 30 people or more
Parking Fees
Small-sized vehicles 2,000 won
Mid-sized vehicles 4,000~5,000 won
Large-sized vehicles 6,000~7,500 won
※ Free for regular shuttles bus (except the regular parking pass users.)>> Click here for details.
Facilities for the Handicapped
Exclusive bathroom (separated by gender / folding screen door)
Free wheelchair rental available at information desk.
Path maintenance and raised foot path along Nature Observation path for blind visitors.
Handicapped-accessible Nature Observation path from information desk to the bathroom and danpung tunnel (2.5km)
“Meeting Naejangsan Mountain Through Love” program available for handicapped visitors.
Baby Stroller Rentals
Available (at the Information Center)
Not permitted
From Jeongeup Bus Terminal, take Bus 171 to Naejangsan National Park (내장산).