Mystery Grows in Missing Nine


[by Ent Team] What will happen to Park Chan Yeol on ‘Missing Nine’?



On January 26, Lee Yeol, the character of EXO Chan Yeol in MBC’s successful drama ‘Missing Nine’ left the viewers worried as he was last seen facing danger.


In the 3rd episode, he fell deeply into a puddle as he was searching for medicinal herbs for his colleague.


But the danger doesn’t stop there. Most characters were actually hit by something: Seo Jun Oh (Jung Kyung Ho) set foot on a mine, Jung Ki Jun (Oh Jung Se)’s leg was crushed by a tree, Ha Ji Ah (Lee Seon Bin)’s injury won’t stop bleeding and Yoon So Hee contemplated suicide.


On a picture that was released on January 26, Lee Yeol is seen out of the puddle but with a lot of blood on his head thus the public started talking about what could have happened inside this puddle.


This photo also marks the beginning of the real thrill: the 9 characters are finally getting into action.


Meanwhile, the 4th episode of ‘Missing Nine’ aired on January 26 at 10PM KST on MBC just prior to a special mystery start that broadcast the three first episodes in raw. (photo by SM C&C)