‘My Lawyer, Mr. Joe’ will start its FIRST episode today! [My Lawyer, Mr. Joe]


Just by watching today’s episode, you can realize that Joe Deulho is a very uncommon character. And, on their first meeting, Lee Eunjo mistakes him for a pickpocket. As their first meeting is not at all normal, what happens between these two is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

From the first episode, the story of Joe Deulho‘s ups and downs will be shown with speed and punch.

What’s more, every actor from ‘My Lawyer, Mr. Joe’ plays his or her part very enthusiastically. Joe Deulho changes his career from a prosecutor to a lawyer. Not only that, but he also becomes homeless in between.

Lee Eunjo seems like a perfect business woman. However, she sometimes makes mistakes like other people. Ryu Suyoung and Park Solmi will show the quintessence of great charisma on the court.

Also, after watching the first episode today, don’t forget to join the event!

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