‘My Fair Lady’ comes to a HEART TOUCHING ending! [My Fair Lady]


For the last 100 days, Geumbi has been our daughter and the light of our life.

In the last episode of ‘My Fair Lady,’ Geumbi‘s health condition becomes worse. She doesn’t remember Hwicheol or Ganghui anymore, not even herself.

Even though she instinctively happens to find the place that has unforgettable memories for her, she doesn’t recognize her father. And, as she suddenly doesn’t breathe properly, she is taken to the hospital. Waiting in front of the operating room, Hwicheol cries out, “Not so soon.”

Thankfully, Geumbi has a strong will. She comes around and raises herself. A miracle exists!


Geumbi’s only wish is to spend her 17th birthday with her family. And, her dream comes true. Although she can’t move easily, she is still Geumbi. For her birthday, many people show up to share joy with her.

KBS drama ‘My Fair Lady’ has touched our soul with the story of a lovely 10-year-old girl for the last 3 months. There must be many young children out there who suffer from severe diseases. We hope this drama could console them a little.

[My Fair Lady]

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