“More beautiful than yesterday!” If you envy Ha Ji Won, Kim Sarang and Lee Young Ae


[by Lee Hye Jung] With the start of the New Year, many are distraught over their aging process. For those transitioning to 30s from their 20s or 40s from 30s, the new ‘first number’ can be bitter towards the passing time.

For all of us that wants to keep our younger looking self, the celebrities who stays the same regardless of age makes us jealous.  What can we do to upgrade our beauty like ageless Ha Ji Won, Kim Sarang and Lee Young Ae?

Getting enough sleep is the most important to keep our body and skin younger. Our body take time to rejuvenate and revive while we are fast asleep.

Sleeping is also important to prevent aging because the melatonin hormone secreted during our sleep protects against aging with a strong antioxidant effect and improves immunity. In order to have a good night’s sleep, it is necessary to make efforts to make sure that the body knows that it is time for sleeping by restricting the use of smart phones or TV.

If you want stay young, eating anti-aging food can be a good habit. Popular anti-aging foods include tomatoes, carrots, spinach, and broccoli.

It is also necessary to eat a lot of vitamin-rich foods while staying away from salt. When you eat salty foods, the blood pressure increases and you are likely to bloat. An unhealthy diet is a opposite way from staying young. You must meticulously manage your eating habits to maintain your youth.

However, for those who are not satisfied with anti-aging effects through food or sleep management, the non-surgical anti-aging techniques such as pillars, Botox, and Ultherapy can be one method to stay young.

“If you want to look younger than you are, you need to make efforts to improve your lifestyle first,” said BJ Joon Sung, a plastic surgeon at JK Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea, “Let’s take a good night’s sleep and eat anti-aging food. If those methods are not enough, it is one way to consider non-surgical methods such as filler and Botox first. ”

If you are worried about wrinkles that shows the passing of the years or if you are stressed because of your sagging face, you can see satisfying results by trying  fillers, Botox or Ultherapy. It does not require long-term recuperation time or leave scars so it is suitable for those who wants to see results in short amount of time.

Dr. Byeong Sung said, “Non-surgical anti-aging such as pillars or Botox is gaining popularity among those who are reluctant to use invasive surgical procedures that require a long recovery period or who want to try a little image transformation. Although it is non-invasive procedures, it is important to have in-depth discussion with a skilled practitioner and decide on the appropriate procedure and degree of surgery. ”

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, the No.1 Hospital for Foreign Patients in Korea, considers patient’s health, Precise studying and diagnosis number one priority by using ‘one-stop pre-operative test’ through advanced medical imaging equipment and surgical equipment. In addition, an in-house permanent resident in the department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine is always available, and the operating rooms use US FED standard209D standards. In considering any unavoidable emergency, CPR (emergency response) team, Emergency Kit, UPS uninterruptible power supply capable of sustaining operation during power outages and CRM monitoring system is available to ensure patient’s safety. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery, bntnews DB)

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