MOMOLAND’s Jooe & Yeonwoo on ‘More more tour’! [Battle Trip]


The upcoming episode of ‘Battle Trip’ features MOMOLAND Jooe and Yeonwoo’s trip to Sakhalin, Russia. The theme of the episode is’hidden destinations that you need to visit before others know about it.’

MOMOLAND Jooe and Yeonwoo\\\'s trip to Sakhalin, Russia

Jooe and Yeonwoo name their tour ‘more more tour’ because it’s supposed to get more and more fun! Jooe plans the first day of the trip while Yeonwoo plans the second day. Yeonwoo reveals that it’s her first trip overseas that’s not part of a schedule. On the other hand, Jooe has a lot of travel experience, and Yeonwoo puts her faith in Jooe.

MOMOLAND Jooe and Yeonwoo\\\'s trip to Sakhalin, Russia

Meanwhile, Jooe and Yeonwoo will face the sad history of Sakhalin, Russia. During the Japanese colonization of the Korean peninsula, many Koreans who were deported to Sakhalin. In order to remember the tragic past, the two visit the “Tower of Mang-Hyang” which was erected in memory of the victims.

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