Miss A Suzy’s 424 Double Cleansing Method You Must Follow


Have you ever woken up to annoying makeup stains on your pillow? It’s even worse when you cleanse and then try using your toner, just to find out that your makeup is still all over the cotton pad and your face.

You’re in luck then, because today, we have the cleansing routine that every girl needs, you won’t have these problems after following it. This routine was given to us by the one we all know as the “Nation’s first love”, Suzy from Miss A. She gained this name after starring in a 2012 melodrama, Architecture 101. She is the ‘maknae’ (youngest member) of her group. As the first female triple award winner in K-pop, K-drama and film, she is someone well respected and well loved.

Her upcoming drama, “Uncontrollably Fond” which she will be starred in alongside Kim Woo Bin, has fans waiting anxiously to view it, as it will not be released till summer. Recently, she collaborated with EXO’s Baekhyun on a song they titled “Dream”.

Suzy revealed her skincare routine to her viewers when she was explaining how to get her classic makeup looks. She wanted to teach them how to achieve the natural look she was wearing, but first, they had to learn how to keep their skin in its best condition so their makeup could be as minimal and natural looking as possible.

According to her, the trick is in the cleansing. This is why she dubbed her routine the ‘424 wash routine’. In total, she cleanses her face for 10 minutes.


For this routine, she uses:

Cleansing oil + Foam cleanser


For her, much emphasis is on the time used to clean.This is how she does it:

This is how she does it:

  • For 4 minutes, she focuses on removing her makeup with the cleansing oil. The oil is needed to remove any product clogging the pores. Oil solubilises other oil based products such as your foundation and mascara, so they come right off.
  • For 2 minutes, she massages her face with the foam cleanser. Because ordinary water cannot wash off oil, this step is needed to remove the oil left on the skin and any traces of makeup left.
  • For 4 minutes, she thoroughly washed her face with water.


After following this routine, don’t forget to moisturize your skin.

She stated that, “when I get older, I won’t have the skin that I do now, so I have to take good care of it. I don’t have troublesome skin though, so I don’t worry too much”. The importance of double cleansing is very obvious here. When you double cleanse, you take off all the sweat and sebum that has built up throughout the day. If you wear makeup every day, it is important to start using this routine. Constant build up of oil that doesn’t get properly cleaned out can eventually lead to uncontrollable breakouts. They can leave the skin with acne scars that would prevent a person from achieving a natural look, without pilling up so much makeup to cover the scars.



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