MIIII Is Back with Digital EP ‘MIIIIANO’


[by Woorim Ahn] Vocalist MIIII released digital EP.

On June 8, her agency The Vibe Entertainment said, “MIIII disclosed her digital EP ‘MIIIIANO’ on June 8 at noon. The album consists of acoustic pop ballads and the songs are made with piano melodies for listeners to focus on her voice.”

A total of 4 tracks are contained in the digital EP including title song ‘Good Day’. The title song is an acoustic ballad for youths to sympathize together. She tells that the burdens they have is to share together, not to go with it alone through the song.

Her digital EP ‘MIIIIANO’ is a combination term of MIIII and piano that wants to express her album’s major theme, which is based on piano melodies.

Meanwhile, MIIII will leave The Vibe Entertainment after the album. (photo by The Vibe Entertainment)

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