‘Midnight Runners’ Main Trailer Release…‘Two Police University Students That Witnessed a Kidnapping’


[by Ent Team] ‘Midnight Runners’ trailer has been released.

On July 11th the contributor of ‘Midnight Runners’ (Director Kim Joo Hwan), Lotte Entertainment, released the main trailer ahead of its August premier. ‘Midnight Runners’ is a youthful investigation action that tells the story of two police university students who formerly only had their youth and military books that get swept up in an investigation after witnessing a kidnapping

The main trailer shows the police University entry oath that sonorously brought the recruits to tears as well as scenes of them receiving harsh training, capturing the attention of fans of the movie.

In addition, bragging of a man’s charm, Ki Joon (Park Seo Joon) who reacts first upon his desires and showing off a smart but sloppy charm is fundamentalist Hee Yeol’s (Kang Ha Neul) images give a peek into the individuality and freshness of youths in their 20s.

The turn of atmosphere in which they accidentally saw a kidnapping and how that would unfold once they were forbidden to investigate raises the tension.

“You are not police. You are still students!” yells Professor Yang (Sung Do Il) who wants to wash himself clean from the incident. The cops are in a fit as they were shot by Taser guns, causing laughter while at the same time, the teaser alludes a difficult investigation process at the same time.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Midnight Runners’ is scheduled to be released on August 9th. (photo by Lotte Entertainment)

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