MBC Drama Binggoo To End The Cold Winter


[by Ent Team] Drama ‘Binggoo’ (non-official title) is coming to your screen.

On January 26, the main cast of special drama ‘Binggoo’ joined Kang In PD at MBC for a script reading. In attendance were Kim Jung Hyun, Han Sun Hwa, Cha Joo Young, Nam Gi Ae, Ahn Gil Gang.

Before starting, the director introduced the drama, saying ‘’Binggoo is a very warm production. It will definitely be good. I’m very honored to have all this actors and actresses whom I casted with a loving heart. They’re like jewels and we will spend a shining moment while filming. It may be cold winter, our heart will be warm. Let’s get along.’’

After that, he introduced the cast and their respective characters. Kim Jung Hyun will play Man Soo while Han Seon Hwa will play two characters called Ha Da and Young Shil.


As soon as the reading started; the actors showed an impressive concentration. Kim went so passionately that he even tried on the gesture and facial expressions of his character. As for Han, she was extremely talented at expressing two personalities.

Of course, the other actors were also very good from the start. The room was filled with energy and you could feel true harmony in the air.

A representative of the drama said, ‘’You can feel passion for the director and the actors. We hope that we will help you turn this cold and difficult season into a warmer moment.’’

Meanwhile, ‘Binggoo’ tells the story of a man who has lost his body over love and a woman who has lost her heart to the heartless world we live in. It will be available on Naver first on February 1 and on MBC on February 5 and 12. (photo by MBC)



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