‘Manhole’ The real fun will start in episode 2 with random time traveling! [Manhole]


On the first episode of ‘Manhole’ we saw Bong Pil who was devastated by his crush Sujin’smarriage. He went all over the neighborhood to find a way to stop her marriage and got himself in endless troubles.

The director of ‘Manhole’ revealed that the drama will start to get really funny from episode 2. Whereas episode 1 was just the introduction, from episode 2 the story will unfold in a completely different and unexpected way.

At the end of last night’s episode, Bong Pil fell into a manhole right when he was about to confess his love to Sujin. He’s begun his time traveling! When he opened his eyes, he was at his high school classroom where he met the ‘Gestapo’ teacher and all his best friends SujinJinsuk and Seoktae.


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