MAMAMOO Plays A Game Of Decalcomania


[Ent Team] MAMAMOO is going through a real makeover.

On October 26, MAMAMOO took over social media with a teaser image for the group’s highly expected comeback. The photo shows member Solar and Wheein playing each other’s reflection in the mirror.

The girls never looked so alike – it’s like twin sisters decided to promote the song entitled ‘Décalcomanie’. They wore an eccentric red dress and have the exact same attitude, the perfect reflection of oneself in the mirror.

Solar and Wheein are known for their witty charms and highly appreciated femininity in an industry where baby girls are usually celebrated. Their transformation into those femmes fatales like creatures is a true success and it helps the public anticipate the expected album.

Meanwhile MAMAMOO is coming back after 9 months and more contents and details will be disclosed soon. ‘MEMORY’, the fourth mini-album will be out on November 7 and ‘Décalcomanie’ will be the title song. (photo by RBW)