Lovelyz to Unveil Its Music Video Teaser


[by Bae Jung Yun] A girl group Lovelyz disclosed the music video teaser of its new song ‘Destiny’ before its comeback.

On April 21 at midnight KST, the group’s agency Woollim Entertainment unveiled the music video teaser of its second mini album ‘A New Trilogy’ through its official YouTube and social media channel.

The teaser was 26 seconds long. In the video, members lied down by closing their eyes or sat down by leaning against each other’s back in the quickly rotating screen. Along with that, glass bead, compass and carousel toy were also rotating together. Pastel toned background added the dreamy and mysterious atmosphere of the video.

The group’s second mini album’s title song ‘Destiny’ is made by a producing team, which Yoon Sang plays a key role in. Previously, he also participated in producing the group’s debut song ‘Candy Jelly Love’ and other songs such as ‘Hi~’ and ‘Ah-Choo’.

Particularly, the group will continue maintaining its own unique music color by having collaboration with Yoon Sang.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz will drop its second mini album ‘A New Trilogy’ on April 24 at midnight KST. (photo by Woollim Entertainment)