LOVELYZ’ Mijoo & Jisoo’s excitement overload in Taiwan! [Battle Trip]


The upcoming episode of ‘Battle Trip’ features the “Sisters’ Trip Special”, starring Lovelyz’ Mijooand Jisoo, who traveled to Kending, Taiwan.

Mijoo and Jisoo are known as the most energetic members of Lovelyz, and they were determined to make their trip an exciting one.

In the teaser photos, Mijoo and Jisoo can’t hold in their excitement and are dancing in the middle of the street. Moreover, Mijoo is doing her signature celebrity pose. It is said that the two girls were constantly singing and dancing throughout their trip.

Meanwhile, before their trip, Mijoo and Jisoo confessed that they are worlds apart in almost everything including their taste in music, food and point of humor. So Jisoo took charge of the first day of the trip, and Mijoo the second day and planned the trip according to their taste. So each day of the trip will reflect their different personalities. Towards the end of their trip, Mijoosays, “We really have different tastes. It looks like you and I saw and felt things from different angles.”

The staff of ‘Battle Trip’ said, “Lovelyz’ Mijoo and Jisoo had a chemistry like that of real sisters. Even though they have extremely different tastes, they connect through their love for fun, and their fresh and cute charms will deliver a pleasant laughter to the viewers.”

[Battle Trip]

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