Lovelyz drops teaser video for November comeback.


Lovelyz will celebrate its 3rd debut anniversary with its new album.

Woollim Entertainment released the comeback teaser video on Lovelyz’ official SNS. The video is a prologue film (peek version) of Lovelyz’ third mini-album ‘Fall in Lovelyz.’ In the video, the members are shining in black and silver outfit. Their new concept seems to be elegant and classy, which is a change from their usual cute and lovely concept.

The upcoming album will celebrate Lovelyz’ third debut anniversary. Lovelyz debuted on November 12 three years ago, and the new album will be revealed on November 14th.

Meanwhile, Lovelyz debuted with ‘Ah-Choo’ in 2015 and held its own concert in July of this year.

[Image source: Woollim Entertainment]