Leessang’s Gil is banned from KBS for his third DUI offense.


Leessang‘s Gil, who received sentence for drunk driving for the third time, is banned from appearing in KBS.

The ban came into effect on September 12, which is right after Gil admitted to his DUI charges at his first trial. He will not be allowed to appear in any KBS programs in the future.

On October 13, Gil was sentenced to 6 months with 2 years of probation, plus 80 hours of community service. For his previous two DUI charges, he had been fined, and since it was his thirds strike, he received a heavier punishment this time.

In 2014, Gil went into a period of self-reflection after his second DUI. In 2016, he signaled his comeback with ‘Show Me the Money 5.’ However, only a year and 4 months later, he was caught drunk driving again and was harshly criticized by the public.