LEE SEOJIN, NOH HONGCHEOL and KIM JONGKOOK to host ‘Talents For Sale’! [Talents For Sale]


Lee Seojin, Noh Hongcheol and Kim Jongkook are the new MCs for the new KBS entertainment program ‘Talents For Sale’, which starts tonight!

‘Talents For Sale’ can be described as a TV home shopping network, except that it sells hot celebrities’ talents. Here, Lee Seojin, Noh Hongcheol and Kim Jongkook will help their guest with advertising.

Kim Jongkook is expected to show more of his great sense of humor through this new talk show program. Noh Hongcheol, after a long hiatus, is officially back as a main MC. In addition, Lee Seojin who is also an actor is a rising entertainer.

Are you excited to see how all three of them go together?

[Talents For Sale]

Showtime : Wed 00:10 | Re-run: Thur 07:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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