Lee Sejun, to perform with Kim Kwangseok’s guitar [Immortal Songs]


On this week’s “Immortal Songs”, twelve teams including Lee Sejun, Park Giyeong, SWEET SORROW, Stephanie, Ryeowook, Lee Haeri, MONNI, HOMME, Kim Feel, Roy Kim, Son Seungyeon, and Haena are performing. The show is to honor the 20th anniversary of Kim Kwangseok’s death.

Lee Sejun sings with Kim Kwangseok’s guitar on stage. During the performance, he shows a video of Kim Kwangseok playing the same guitar to help the audience recall his performance in the past.

“For today’s performance, I got this guitar from Kim Kwangseok’s brother. The guitar didn’t sound so good first but it got better after rehearsal,” comments Sejun.

[Immortal Songs]

Sat 18:00 | Re-run: Sun 03:00 | Wed 17:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)