Lee Min Ho to Break into His Real House


[by Woorim Ahn] Lee Min Ho gets in his real house after 10 years in ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’.

On the upcoming episode of SBS drama ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’, 16th episode will be drawn and Heo Jun Jae (Lee Min Ho) visits his real house 10 years after his runaway.

In the picture, Jun Jae went into his father Iljoong (Choi Jung Woo)’s house in his working clothes with Namdoo (Lee Hee Joon) and Taeoh (Shin Won Ho). This aroused the audiences’ curiosity since Jun Jae went back to his house after 10 years.

As soon as he got into his house, he looked around the place with various emotions. Afterwards, he stood up in front of a room and got surprised at what he found in the room. Previously, in the episode’s preview, the mass public got curious about it since Jun Jae said, “I’ll do it on my own way. I will find all the evidences and reveal everything” once he got suspicious about Seohee (Hwang Shin Hye).

Thus, whether Jun Jae will find out reveal Seohee’s evil behaviors or he will save his father in danger; the mass public is paying attention to the upcoming episode. The staffs said, “Jun Jae’s birth mother met with him and he decided to save his real father. Surprising incidents will keep happening, so please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, 16th episode of ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ will air on January 11 at 10pm KST. (photo by Culture Depot, Studio Dragon, Naver TVcast captured image)

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