Lee Jin Wook Gets Crazy About Fishing?!


[by Woorim Ahn] Actor Lee Jin Wook made Yoo Hae Jin jealous of him in tvN ‘Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village2’.

On the upcoming episode of the program, Lee Jin Wook will show off his fishing skills and catch the mass public’s attention.

Last week, he made a feast by fishing a huge one and this time, he made Yoo Hae Jin frustrated by fishing a lot more than Yoo Hae Jin. Unlike Lee Jin Wook, Yoo Hae Jin’s dark face with envy caught the fans’ eyes.

Particularly, Yoo Hae Jin made the audience laugh by making a mistake intentionally to Lee Jin Wook. Moreover, Lee Jin Wook and Son Ho Joon got to cook for a lunch without Cha Seung Won. While Son Ho Joon was worrying about the food might taste bad, Lee Jin Wook revealed his confidence by saying, “This should taste good. The boiling sound seems delicious” and made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Wook’s crazy fishing skill will air on November 13. (photo by tvN)