Lee Jehoon Loves Working With Choi Heeseo


[Photos by Baek Sooyeon] Lee Jehoon shared his feelings about acting alongside Choi Heeseo.

On June 13, the team of movie Anarchist From Colony gathered at Dongdaemun’s Megabox for a press conference. Lee Jehoon, Choi Heeseo and director Lee Joonik attended.

When asked about working with Choi Heeseo, Lee Jehoon said that he ‘’first saw Heeseo ten years ago in an independent film. I thought that she was very good but it’s when I saw her in Dongju: The portrait of a poet that I really felt that she was shining. I don’t think the character of Fumiko could have been portrayed by anyone else. Maybe the public will too be interested in Fumiko after watching Anarchist From Colony. I think she can be the next actress to represent Korea.’’

Anarchist From Colony tells an unbelievable true story in the context of the Japanese Empire covering up the massacre of 6,000 Koreans in Tokyo in 1923. Lee Jehoon plays Park Yeol, a poor young man who’s in love with Fumiko, interpreted by Choi Heeseo.

The movie promises deep emotion as the story between Park Yeol and Kaneko Fumiko unveils.

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