LEE HYUNWOO’s second job is a GOURMET? [Hello, Counselor]


Lee Hyunwoo, Jang Youngran, San E and Raina will be on tonight’s show ‘Hello, Counselor.’

On the show, Shin Dongyeop said that Kim Taegyun‘s nephew visited the show because he thought that Lee Hyunwoo was actor Lee Hyunwoo, not singer Lee Hyunwoo. There was a big laughter after he said it. Lee Hyunwoo said sadly that there are many young people who misunderstand him as actor Lee Hyunwoo.

This misunderstanding is not so uncommon because he is much more known as a ‘gourmet’.

Who has seen him on a cooking program? Tonight, you can watch him on a talk show!

[Hello, Counselor]

Showtime : Mon 11:00 | Re-run: Tue 05:30, 18:20 (Seoul, UTC+9)


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