Lee Honggi works as a creative director for his new fashion brand Skull Hong


Lee Hong-gi

Lee Hong-gi

Lee Honggi has shared with the world his undeniable fashion sense.

Lee Honggi recently did a photo shoot for the January issue of fashion magazine InStyle. Lee Honggi showed off a new side of himself, as a creative director instead of his more common singing related talents. He showed off some of the clothes for his new brand Skull Hong, by wearing the clothes in his recent photo shoot.

Lee Honggi had hundred of interesting and witty poses on set, causing staff to give him the nick name posing machine. Lee Honggi revealed he has always had an interest in fashion. Rumor has it that Lee Honggi dove headlong into fashion.

In the interview which accompanied the photo shoot, Lee Honggi said “I had a general idea for the branded products’ design, and then I aggressively pursued it.” He has put a lot of passion and hard work into his brand Skull Hong.

Lee Honggi said that the most satisfying moment since launching his brand was seeing other idols wearing the clothing he created. He revealed that he hopes Shing Dong-yup, Yoo Se-yoon and Ha Ha-ga wear the clothes he created.

You can see Lee Honggi’s other talent in the photo shoot in the January issue of InStyle.

Lee Hong-gi

Lee Hong-gi

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by InStyle January Edition

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