Lee Guk Joo to Have a Year-end Party with Her Friends


[by Woorim Ahn] Lee Guk Joo held a house party to celebrate Christmas.

Lee Guk Joo invited comedians Ahn Young Mi, Park Na Rae and Jang Do Yeon since she didn’t want to spend the year-end season by herself. Despite of their hectic schedules, they ran to her house and showed off their friendship.

The party’s dress code is ‘Best Actresses’, so Park Na Rae changed to Ko Jun Hee and Ahn Young Mi and Jang Do Yeon became Kim Hye Soo. Moreover, since the site was full of rising comedians, they made fun even with small items.

Lee Guk Joo made a Facetime call to Kim Dong Wan, but she soon pressed end button. Why did she do that?

Meanwhile, real home party with female comedians will air on December 25. (photo by MBC)

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