Lee Guk Joo Cleans up Her House


[by Woorim Ahn] Lee Guk Joo cleaned her house for the New Year in MBC ‘I Live Alone’.

After finishing all the busy schedules for year-end season, she finally got her break. However, due to her mother’s nagging, she decided to clean her house.

Lee Guk Joo showed her passion to clean her refrigerator, which is the most precious one in her life. For each use, she distributed all the ingredients in the different blocks and put labels on it, so that she can take a look at them at a glance.

Moreover, from her freezer, all sorts of meats kept coming from, so it reminded of the butcher’s.

Meanwhile, Lee Guk Joo’s cleaning tips will air on January 8. (photo by MBC)

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