Lee Bumsoo Decides to Throw a Surprise Party for His Wife with SODA Sibling


[by Woorim Ahn] Lee Bumsoo and his children So Eul and Da Eul formed a party group for his wife.

On the upcoming episode of KBS ‘Superman Returns’, Lee Bumsoo and his children prepare for a surprise birthday party for his wife.

The three challenged to make a cake with chocolate biscuits. Since his son Da Eul is a chocolate lover, he kept looking at the cake, which made Bumsoo nervous. Lee Bumsoo and his daughter So Eul decided to make Da Eul’s eyes off from the cake and made a plan.

First of all, when Da Eul didn’t listen to So Eul’s words, So Eul said, “No, I’m going to leave” and make him pause. However, when Lee Bumsoo and So Eul were away, Da Eul rushed to the cake and made the others panic.

Meanwhile, Lee Bumsoo and SODA sibling’s surprise birthday party will air on February 28. (photo by KBS)

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