LABOUM Interprets A Winter Tale


[by Ent Team] LABOUM released new music video teaser.

LABOUM made official the release of its special gift album ‘Winter Tale’ by unveiling the teaser to its music video on YouTube on November 28.

In the teaser, LABOUM shows an updated appearance and more mature charms all while working on interpreting a modern version of the old fairy tale. The song that was very shortly introduced through this video has a lyrical melody that sounds familiar, as though LABOUM had always been part of our life.

‘Winter Tale’ tells the story of a childhood love that stays forever. Seo Dong Sung, who previously worked with Jang Na Ra and Baek Ji Young, produced this song. Luee, from TAIBIAN, made the perfect lyrics for this track.

Meanwhile, LABOUM’s special gift album ‘Winter Tale’, will be available on December 2. (photo: capture of ‘Winter Tale’ teaser)