LA MIRAN says she is BOGUM’s best friend! [Happy Together]


Today’s ‘Happy Together’ is ‘The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop Special.’ The main casts of the drama come to brighten up the talk show.

Cha Inpyo and his wife are known to be a most devoted couple among other celebrity couples. He says, “My wife Shin Aera is actually a great fan of our drama. She loves our chemistry.”

He adds, “When I played the role with actress Lee Yeongae in the past, my wife was so jealous that she didn’t even watch the drama.”

To this, Miran feels a little upset. She cries, “Why is she not jealous of our chemistry? How come she is not worried?”

Moreover, MCs mention about how close Park Bogum and La Miran are. They are known to bebest friends. When she is questioned about whether he is seeing anyone, she makes a joke that it is she who dates him.

Let’s not miss out on the their witty words tonight!

[Happy Together]

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