Kwangsoo, Park Boyoung, Jo Insung are best friends!


Kwangsoo, Park Boyoung, Jo Insung are best friends!

# K-POP 2017.07.28 View : 78

July 28th is Jo Insung’s birthday! Find out his closest celebrity friends!

On July 28th, actor Kim Kibang, who is known to be a close friend of Jo Insung, posted a picture on his Instagram. In the photo, Kim Kibang, his fiancee, Bae SeongwooJo InsungLee Kwangsoo, and Park Boyoung are gathered around a table in a bar. They are dressed casually, and it looks like they’re having a fun time together. What a heartwarming friendship that these stars have!

Kim Kibang wrote, “Dear Jo~ Happy birthday!! (Although the picture isn’t from today, I thought it has a party-like vibe) You were born on a hot day! Good luck with the upcoming movie ‘Ansi City’~ (with Bae Seongwoo)”

Meanwhile, Jo Insung is preparing to shoot the movie ‘Ansi City.’

[Image Source: Kim Kibang Instagram]