Kim Young Chul to Apply for Comedy Festival in Australia


[by Kim Young Shin] In MBC reality show ‘I Live Alone’ comedian Kim Young Chul begins his journey to take a part in Comedy Festival in Australia, which is one of the world’s top three comedy festival.

Kim worked on his English for more than ten years, so he can perform in front of foreigners. He tried various methods from appearing in a Hollywood movie to attend auditions for foreign sitcoms or TV series. When he heard the news that Comedy Festival will be held in March in Australia, he decided to try a new genre: standup comedy.

The first thing he did was to make a presentation to promote him and sent the applications to the organizer of the festival. However, preparing it all by himself was impossible as he had no experience of amusing foreign audience. He asked team Ongals for help. The non-verbal comedy group performed several times in overseas comedy festivals.

The members of team Ongals gave Kim lots of useful advices on the different behavior of the overseas audience and what they enjoy.

Based on the information he got from his friends, he prepared a standup comedy. He invited Sam Hammington, an entertainer that came from Australia, to get evaluations from him.

Meanwhile, the world-star-to-be’s preparation on his new challenge and Sam Hammington’s judgments on his standup comedy will air on February 19 at 11:05 KST. (photo by MBC)