KIM YEONKYOUNG arm wrestles with JESSI! [Sister’s Slam Dunk]


Today’s ‘Sister’s Slam Dunk’ has a special guest. It’s Kim Yeonkyoung! She brings her own dream of becoming a rapper.

To help her dream come true, not only the members of ‘Sister’s Slam Dunk,’ but rapper Lee Sangmin, DinDin also give her some useful tips.

Watching Jessi‘s ‘Memories’, Yeonkyoung admires her rapping skills. How she tries to copy her style makes her even cuter!

Moreover, Jessi wants to arm wrestle with Yeonkyoung. It seems like Jessi is not strong after all in front of Yeonkyoung.

Let’s not miss out on this week’s ‘Sister’s Slam Dunk’!

[Sister’s Slam Dunk]

Showtime : Fri 23:00 l Re-run Sat 05:30, 10:30