Kim Sung Ryung-Song Hye Kyo-Kim Hye Soo, If You Want the Youthful Appearance of Twenties?


[by Song Eun Ji /translated by Kim Young Shin] There are actresses who are in their thirties and forties but still are as beautiful as when they were in their twenties.

They look so youthful and pretty that it looks as though they reversed the aging process. The secret to their beauty is consistent skin care routine. They are putting a lot of effort to keep the elasticity not just on their face but also on their body.

Currently, there are lots of women who are devoted to make themselves look younger like the celebrities. They are called ‘RUBY’. ‘RUBY’ is an acronym of refresh, uncommon, beautiful and young. There are more and more middle-aged women joining the movement to make bold investments in order to keep their youth glamour.

Becoming a ‘RUBY’ is a new trend. What can one do to age without losing the young appearance of twenties?

For Younger-Looking Face, Bright and Tight Skin Is Priority

Defined eyes, wrinkleless and supple skin and bright complexion are the factors that distinguish younger-looking face from older-looking face. If you want to fulfill all of the criteria, focus on elasticity care.

When your skin loses elasticity, it forms deep wrinkles. Your eyelids sag and make your eyes far from defined. Moreover, your complexion gets darker and darker due to aging.

What you can do to prevent that is to use functional skin care products that enhance skin elasticity. Apply products from the bottom to top and from the center to the outer area. Make sure you are doing it gently like you are massaging your skin.

√ TIPs on How to Massage Your Face Line

01 Put on lifting cream and use your thumbs, without putting too much force, to lightly swipe the product from the center of your face to the outline.

02 Open your mouth big and wide and pronounce ‘Aa-Ae-Ee-Oh-Ooh’. Repeat ten times every day.

03 Make a fist, not making it too tight, and massage the outer line of the face in little rolling motions.

Thick and Healthy Hair Makes You Forget about Age

Thinner and finer hair makes you look aged. If you dream of the real younger-looking appearance, you must try to get your hair fuller, shinier and healthier.

The condition of your hair depends on the condition of your scalp. To keep the scalp healthy, pay attention to shampoo. You should choose the right type of shampoo according to your scalp condition and use a special care product such as treatment, hair pack or essence, two to three times a week.

√ Little Habits that Make Your Scalp Healthy

01 Brush Often
With a paddle brush or a large comb, brush your hair frequently. This process removes the dirt and other debris sticking on your hair and stimulates the blood circulation on the scalp, which helps to make your scalp healthier.

02 Dry Properly
To minimize irritations, lightly tap your hair with towel. When using dryers, start by using cold air to calm your hair down then alternate with hot air to keep your hair moist and glossy.

Keep the Feminine Look by Toning Your Body

If you wish to be attractive even after you are aged, you must retain your shape. Regular and healthy diet and exercise help you keep your body slim but there is one more important thing to do: take care of your breasts.

Once your busts loose tightness, it cannot be recovered easily. There are special items such as breast pack and breast cream to keep them firm. If you cannot be bothered to do anything too complex, try the trendy item: mask sheet specifically designed for breasts. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is to put it on, leave it and remove it. Its results are also satisfying. Many women see the sheet as the new must-have item.

One of the most effective items of the kind is LAMY Cosmetics’ Real 97% Rice Paper Iting Breast Mask. It uses rice paper as the sheet and hence the nickname ‘Rice Breast Pack’.

The adhesive rice paper tightens the skin and enhances the elasticity of breast. The essence it is soaked in is made from natural ingredients including collagen, kigelia and pomegranate. The product provides mild but satisfying care for your breasts without causing skin irritation.

(photo by Lamy Cosmetics, bntnews DB)