Kim Ji Min Talks About Lee Si Young’s Boyfriend


[by Ent Team] Kim Ji Min’s words in Video Star caught the public’s attention.

In the episode of Video Star that aired on December 20, Son Tae Young, Kim Ji Min, Heo Kyoung Hwan and Jo Woo Jong made the guest list.

On the show, Kim Ji Mon talked about Lee Si Young’s recently revealed relationship. She said that she had noticed that after her schedule, it wasn’t her manager waiting for her but her boyfriend.

The four hosts of the show showed a great interest in the story, trying to portray Lee Si Young’s boyfriend by asking questions such as ‘What kind of man is he?’ or ‘If he was a celebrity, who would he be?’ To which Kim replied that he has a soft look that resembles actor Yoo Ah In.

Meanwhile, MBC Everyone’s Video Star airs every Tuesday at 8:30PM. (photo by MBC Everyone)