Kim Gura Learns English from Sam Hammington


[by Woorim Ahn] Kim Gura will show off his English skills.

On the upcoming episode of Channel A ‘Father’s True Color’, Kim Gura that majored in English Literature will show off his English skills.

During filming the episode, Kim Gura confessed, “In fact, English is my weakness” unlike he showed off his pride as a person majored in English. He invited Sam Hammington that is from Australia as his tutor.

Kim Gura brought out all the words that he knew and tried to communicate with Sam. However, Sam said, “Did you ever study?” and made Kim Gura embarrassed. Moreover, when Sam didn’t understand what he said due to the poor pronunciation, he added, “Why don’t you understand me?” and made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Kim Gura’s English study with Sam will air on February 1. (photo by Channel A)