Kim Go Eun-Han Ye Seul-Jang Nara, Following The Makeup Of Actresses In Popular Dramas


[by Song Eun Ji] Recently, various dramas such as tvN drama ‘Cheese in the Trap’ and ‘Signal’, the JTBC drama ‘Madame Antoine’, the MBC drama ‘One More Happy Ending’, the SBS drama ‘Remember-War of the Son’, and the OCN drama ‘Neighborhood Hero’ are  loved not only by Korean viewers but also by the foreign viewers.

In addition to the popularity of these dramas, the makeup worn  by the actresses are also receiving a great attention.. The number of females that are following the attractive makeup looks of actresses such as Kim Go Eun, Kim Hye Soo, Han Ye Seul, Jang Nara, Yoo In Na, Park Min Yeong, and Yuri of Girl’s Generation has been increasing.

How should we do to wear the natural makeup of these celebrities in our daily lives? Korea’s design cosmetics brand too cool for school introduces its beauty know-how that can be easily done even at home  for an actress-like look without the help of professionals.

▶ Actress Point Makeup

“The recent makeup looks of actresses in dramas are gaining popularity  since they can be easily  followed in our daily lives. Accentuating specific key points that actresses all do can help your create a daily makeup look that is useful and appropriate for any setting.” _too cool for school’s TALK

The makeup of actresses is not that elaborated and appears natural and trendy. The recent beauty trend among actresses is to have a  glowing skin and light contouring makeup to emphasize the volume of the face. Adding a thin eye line and voluminous lash makeup will help you have defined eyes.

▶ Actress Makeup, How to Wear It As A Daily Makeup

POINT 1 Glossy Glowing Skin

The core of a natural glowing skin is ‘moisture’. The key point is to make the skin appear as if water will burst from the skin once in contact. For this, doing a thorough basic skincare and using coverage products consisting of moisturizing components is recommended.

If layering multiple base items to create a natural glowing look is difficult for you, try using oils. Add a small amount of oil to your liquid foundation or apply a thin layer of a small amount of oil all over your face at the finishing stage of your makeup. The oil will not only provide glossiness but also will create a firm moisture layer that allows makeup to last longer.

POINT 2 Light Contouring

Contouring refers to a makeup technique using shades to create a more dimensional face. In order to do contouring, you need a ‘shading’ product that will add shadows on your face and a ‘highlighter’ product that can add luminosity to certain areas of your face.

Using a shading product will help you create natural shadows in different areas such as the hairline, nose, jawline,  and the outline of your face. Then use a highlighter on the areas where the luminosity is needed  such as the forehead, apple-zone, and the tip of the nose in order to create a dimensional face like those of celebrities. If you wish to achieve a natural contouring effect, it is good to use light powder type shading and highlighting products with high transparency that are easy to use.

POINT 3 Defined Eyes

Using an eye-liner is the best method to have defined eyes. But recently, natural looks became the trend. So techniques that consist of drawing an eye line as thin as possible or completely removing it are very popular..

In order to create defined eyes by emphasizing the eyelashes without drawing an eye line, you must take care for the lashes that are hidden towards the front and tail of the eyes as well. Use a curler to curl the lashes and apply thoroughly a mascara. If a regular mascara product is unable to reach the hidden lashes, try using a moving mascara with a curved brush. The item will make it easier even for beginners to take care of all the lashes, the hidden lashes as well as the under lashes, making it possible to create defined eyes.

▶ Actress Makeup, Items You Must Have? with. too cool for school

01 Rules of skincare PRESTIGE HYDRA INFUSED OIL This product is a dual face oil serum that contains the nutrients of a serum and the hydrating moisture of oil. The product is available in firming/brightening options that can be chosen according to your specific skin concern and can easily be used to express natural glowing skin makeup.

02 ART CLASS BY RODIN This product is a multi shading tool that consists of three colors that can be used for various purposes such as skin tone, nose and hairline. The product is high in transparency and creates adimensional and natural contouring makeup through its smooth powder that adheres to the skin without clumping.

03 Art Class By Rodin Highlighter This product is a multi highlighter that consists of three colors in a skin nude tone shade with pearls. This product  allows you having  different looks through different blending methods. It adheres to your skin smoothly and its micro shimmering powder emphasizes the volume and vitality.

04 Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara This product is a moving mascara with a dial that allows you to control the curve in  3 steps. The all-in-one formula is effective in all functions including curling, long-lash, volume, and setting. The fine and smooth tail-like brush allows you have  a defined eye line even without drawing an eye-line. It effectively takes care of the hidden lashes in the front and tail of the eyes as well. (photo by: too cool for school, bntnews DB)