Kim Dong Hyun Shows His Other Charms Through ‘I Live Alone’


[by Woorim Ahn] Through ‘The Rainbow Live’ corner in MBC ‘I Live Alone’, UFC fighter Kim Dong Hyun will disclose his single life for the first time.

Just like his nickname ‘stun gun’, he, who makes his play strong and rough on the ring, showed a health life starting a day with exercise and ending his day with exercise.

His house located in Busan was full of cute items and tidy unlike his tough appearance. Particularly, there were many gold turtles and owls all over the house and he had red underwear in the closet.

Moreover, he surprised the rainbow members by mentioning the reason why he took the rank 7 of UFC is because of his red underwear. Why did he get attached with red underwear?

Meanwhile, Kim Dong Hyun’s single life will air on January 15. (photo by MBC)