‘KICHO Sheep Oil Cream’ Was Introduced in Teen Vogue as Best-selling K-Beauty Item “Most loving item by Peach&Lily Founder


[by Song Eun Ji, translated by Woorim Ahn] ‘Sheep Oil Cream’ by skin sommelier brand KICHO, which was found by Dooyeon Corp., became a hot issue as it was introduced in Teen Vogue.

Teen Vogue is a magazine in the States published over a million copies and it covers various fields including beauty, fashion, life and others. Recently, the magazine introduced K-beauty items loving by American consumers under the title of ‘The 15 Best-Selling K-Beauty Products You Need Right Now’.

KICHO’s Sheep Oil Cream was mentioned as Alicia Yoon’s favorite item, who is the founder of K-beauty editorial Peach&Lily, and moisturizing cream supplying moisture deep in your skin. With the special element of lanolin, it is very appropriate for cold and dry winter. Moreover, it didn’t miss out complimenting that is effective to raise makeup’s completion degree with full nourishment.

Sheep Oil Cream is an item using lanolin extracted from young sheep hair grew up in New Zealand and it was purified with German technology. Lanolin is the only animal oil ingredient by not killing animals and it is very similar to sebum in human’s skin. Since it is natural one, it is chosen as controlling skin oil and moisture balance and moisturizing. Moreover, by adding 8 berries’ ingredients called as ‘multi vitamins’ helping anti-oxidizing and wrinkle improvements for perfect skincare.

Meanwhile, an official from KICHO said, “We are happy that Sheep Oil Cream was introduced on Teen Vogue. We are receiving much love since it was nominated as the best moisturizing cream at ‘2017 Global bnt Beauty Awards’ in and out of Korea. We will continue this growth with various beauty items that everyone can use regardless race, age and gender.” (photo by KICHO, Teen Vogue official website)

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