Keep Up With A-Pink Son Naeun’s Airport Fashion!


[by Kim Min Soo] A-Pink member Son Naeun who has become a topic of discussion with her stylish airport fashion. Through her innocent beauty and feminine image she exudes girlish charms that cause her to beloved by many men and women as well.

Recently she has shown her individuality and styling by showing up at the airport often for her overseas schedules. We examined Son Naeun’s unique styling that catches attention every time she appeared.

#Goddess Appears in an All White Look 

Son Naeun that usually captures attention with her feminine image showed off her plain fashion through her SNS and public events, always gaining admiration through her beautiful charms. On July 22nd for the 8th single release ‘Motto Go! Go!’ and concert she was seen at the Gimpo International Airport.

She showed off an all-white look and appeared like a goddess in her one-piece, completing her airport fashion. The denim pants that were shown through her see-through one piece especially showed her extraordinary fashion sense.

[Editor Pick] Layering a one piece and shorts balances your look overall. This is especially because of the key point that it doubles in giving a simple yet stylish atmosphere. The subtly shown see-through one piece is beguiling.

#Chic Girl in an All Black Look 

She, who boasts of a slender body through constant self-management, shows off a wide variety of the fashion spectrum from romantic to sexy to innocent. Recently she showed up at the Incheon International Airport for a Malaysian concert in a sleeveless black t-shirt and denim pants, presenting a chic airport fashion, as expected presenting her fashionista appearance.

[Editor Pick] Sleeveless items present a sexy and chic mood. The simple feeling doubles the sophistication of this styling and can add to the appeal.

#Authentic Fashionista in a Black-and-White Look

Son Naeun who has looks recognized by the world. This time she was on her way to attend ‘Central Europe K-Contents Expo’ in Poland. She showed up in a fashionable styling, emphasizing comfortable yet stylish airport fashion with her sleeveless and wide-hemmed black pants.

[Editor Pick]
 For long plane rides, comfort and practicality comes first. Especially the combination of sleeveless and wide pants gives a modest yet natural mood, in which you can also show off your slender waist line. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)