Kangnam’s aggressive jokes toward 9MUSES’ Kyungri facing backlash from netizens.


On a variety show, Kangnam kept making jokes about “hitting” Kyungri.

Kangnam and Kyungri recently appeared on a web variety show in which they traveled to Italy together. When the staff asked him about the possibility of a love-line between him and KyungriKangnam responded, “If you tell me to beat her up to death, I can do it” and laughed. Kyungri was surprised by his aggressive remark.

On another occasion, Kangnam talks about how he was upset when Kyungri didn’t save his phone number. Then he repeatedly said, “I will hit you some day in Korea.” Kyungri asks, “Oppa, you’re a guy who hits woman?” Kangnam answers, “You shouldn’t discriminate between men and women these days.”

Even though he may have said those things as a joke, netizens are criticizing that it was not appropriate to joke about hitting someone, especially a woman.