Kangnam to Make His Offficial Debut in Japan


[by Bae Jung Yun] A singer Kangnam will make his official debut in Japan on May 25 with his single album ‘Ready to Fly’.

His Japanese debut single album will drop on May 25. The music video of his album was pre-released on the largest Japanese hallyu (Korean wave) star portal website Kstyle on April 21.

His title song ‘Ready to Fly’ is an energetic song for people, who live their life with tired and gloomy feeling. His soft voice and positive lyrics make the listener to become vitalized.

He explained his song by saying, “I sang the title song by recollecting my memory of hard times. It makes people feel better by cheering them up.”

A cover photo also unveiled with the music video. The cover has two concepts, Shadow and Light. His natural, soft and warm charm was expressed delicately on it.

Meanwhile, Kangnam will start his debut promotion by holding an album release event. His activity as an artist receives a lot of expectation from people. (photo by Jungle Entertainment)

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