Kang Ye Won and Oh Min Suk to Leave ‘We Got Married4’


[by Woorim Ahn] Ohye couple from MBC ‘We Got Married4’ will leave the show.

Before their virtual marriage gets over, the two decided to flash back their 9-month marriage life. They looked back themselves from the first meeting, and they got to feel the feelings at those moments. At that time, final alarm was ringing to announce the two’s marriage is over.

However, the end wasn’t the end. When the final interview was almost done, plane tickets to Hawaii were given to them. As soon as Kang Yewon saw it, she cried out and Oh Min Suk made a mysterious face. They kept discussing about their trip to Hawaii: whether to go or not.

Meanwhile, Kang Yewon and Oh Min Suk’s last marriage life will air on February 27. (photo by MBC)

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