Summer Season, Escape Method from a Damp Scalp

Once it becomes the summer season, women become busy with skin care. Under strong UV rays, to prevent sunburn, if you are to apply sun cream every two hours, on days that pimples appear, the wounds get infected and you visit the skin clinic.
However, it is a common occurrence for people to overlook scalp care while it is no less important to the face. In the summer there are many cases in which hair is greasy even after washing it in the morning, appealing to your worries, actually more than shampoo, is you who neglected the importance of scalp care. Did you know that the scalp is also a skin?
Hot and humid summer season, the scalp that you don’t concentrate as your skin. Let’s investigate the solution.
The Reason Why Scalp Care is Needed in the Summer 
Under the strong UV rays of the sumer for long periods of time, it’s easy for scalp troubles such as heat, itchiness and dandruff to occur. In addition, high humidity makes your hair and scalp damp. Hot and humid weather aggravates inflammation, inflating the excretion of sebum, sweat, and waste, easily breeding germs. In an extreme case, hair loss can also occur.
Especially because the rainy season is an environment that can absorb more waste than usual, germs rapidly breed. Sebum and dead skin cells block the entry of hair follicles, apolecia areata, crown hair loss, etc. can develop.
Damp Scalp Solution 
Grasping the state of your scalp – in order to solve your scalp troubles, your first need to grasp the state of your scalp. Let’s visit a professional scalp care center and get a grip on your scalp state. The state of dryness, dead skin cells, oil excretion, etc. after receiving an accurate examination, you need to find a shampoo and care method that suits you.
After shampooing, meticulous drying is needed – summer scalp care is the most important time. In order to protect the scalp starting from hot and humid weather, first you need to choose shampoo that matches your scalp status, after shampooing a meticulous drying method is needed. When rained upon or outside for long periods of time, it’s good to quickly wash your head, and it’s good to use lukewarm water that has less irritation. There are cases that natural drying is good in which you avoid blow drying but it is less harmful to blow dry meticulously than not drying for certain and sleeping.
Self Care is Lacking, Special Scalp Deep-Cleansing 
There are limits to removing the bodily waste in your pores and dead skin cells with only shampoo. If you feel embarrassed about your scalp troubles, going to professional center and receiving scalp scaling is the most effective. Hesol Scalp Clinic is highly recommended as they can give consulting from detailed scalp diagnosis to self-care methods for beginners. In addition, for the 3-step deep-cleansing and waste process, ‘Basic Scalp Care’, and excessive sebum and sensitive skin, etc. scalp troubles concentrated care process ‘Problem Scalp Care’, beginning hair loss improvement solution ‘Early Hair Loss Care’ etc. you can select various programs by scalp status, quickly comfortably and easily, easing your scalp troubles. (photo by bntnews DB, Ecomine)