Kang Ho Dong Takes Photographs of Chihuahuas


[by Kim Young Shin] Kang Ho Dong became a photographer for four Chihuahuas in JTBC’s ‘Mari and I’.

On the next episode of ‘Mari and I’, Kang Ho Dong will try to make a calendar with images of the four Chihuahuas as a gift.

During filming, he tried his best to capture the lively moments of the dogs although he was not good at using camera. He even crouched on the floor to take photos. However, his passion was all in vain as the results were disappointing: most of them were out of focus. There were no cute dogs in the pictures but ugly ones.

Kang did not give up but composed his mind while having a meal in front of the sink.

Lovely photos of the dogs from the primitive photographer Kang will be revealed on ‘Mari and I’ on January 20 at 10:50pm KST. (photo by JTBC)

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