Kang Ha-neul, Hong Jong-hyun, Baekhyun, Nam Joo-hyuk and Ji-soo form a flower prince corps for a new drama



Bobo Kyeongshim: Lyeo (Taking Each Step Carefully), is a new drama with no official English title yet. This new drama will call up the flower prince corps of the Korean Wave to fill its ranks. The star cast includes Kang Ha-neul, Hong Jong-hyun, Baekhyun, Nam Joo-hyuk and Ji-soo. With just a glance you can see through the warm photos, the five actors’ varied charms shining through. The group of five new generation actors are sure to stir interest, as they capture the hearts of women as this Korean wave of handsome men washes over them.

The preproduction is expected to be 100% complete by the second half of the year. The drama will be a fantasy, romantic, historical drama. Bobo Kyeongshim: Lyeo (Taking Each Step Carefully) is written by Cho Yoon-young, directed by Kim kyu-tae and Lee Ha. On the 5th, a representative of the show said “Kang Ha-neul, Hong Jong-hyun, Baekhyun, Nam Joo-hyuk, Ji-soo and Lee Joon-gi were cast as six of the imperial princes of the Great King Wang Geon, founder of the Goryeo Dynasty.”

Bobo Kyeongshim: Lyeo is based on an original Chinese novel, making it the first drama of its kind in Korea. The variety of characters and top of the line visuals are sure to meet viewers’ tastes.

Kang Ha-nuel will transform into a sexy cerebral man Goryeo for the drama. Ha-nuel plays the eighth son of the emperor, Wang-Geon. He was born the same year as Lee Jong-gi who is the fourth prince, but to a different mother. Both sharing the father of Great King Wang Geon. King Wang Geon’s eighth son is both highly skilled in academia and combat, being an ideal warrior philosopher combination.

The drama is expected to begin broadcasting sometime in the second half of 2016.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by various talen agencies

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