Kan Mi Youn received bloody death threats when she was in Babyvox? [Happy Together]


Tonight’s episode of ‘Happy Together’ features legendary singers from the 1990s: Chaerina from Roo’Ra, Kan Mi Youn from BabyvoxHan Hyeonnam from YTCSung Daehyun from R.ef, and Ko Jaegeun from Y2K!

On the show, Kan Mi Youn talks about her anti-fans back when she was a member of Babyvox. She jokingly says, “I deserved the anti-fans. I used to speak like I was missing half my tongue (meaning that she tried to act cute).”

But actually, the death threat letter that Kan Mi Youn received at the time was very serious. It was even on the nighttime news. She says, “When I got the death threat letter with blood on it, I was really scared. I really thought that the sender would come find me. I felt sorry because I wasn’t the only one who had received such threats. All the members suffered. Yoon Eun Hye was attacked with a water gun and almost went blind.”

She adds, “Nowadays, I get messages on my Instagram apologizing for what they’ve done in the past.”

[Happy Together]

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