‘Father’ Junghui♥Miyeong’s sweet kiss! [My Father is Strange]


Junghui and Miyeong kissed!

Miyeong doesn’t see the message that the shooting location has changed. So Miyeong and Junghui arrive 1 hour late.

Junghui prepares for the shoot in a hurry, and he needs a lip print on his face. Because it has to look natural, the director asks Miyeong to kiss Junghui. Due to the tight shooting schedule, Miyeong has no choice but to kiss Junghui on the cheek three times.

But the director is not satisfied. He demands a kiss on the lips! When Miyeong hesitates, Junghui says, “I’ll do it,” and kisses her.

Their chemistry is undeniable!

[My Father is Strange]

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